With over 30 years experience in live performance, writing and recording within many genres of music Paul has contributed his playing and writer skills to many artists and solo projects internationally.

In late 2018 Paul began writing songs for the A.G.D ĎA Good Day' Country Rock band's debut album with drummer and producer 'Garry King' which received continuous airplay from many country and mainstream radio stations throughout the UK and Europe including the BBC and Radio Caroline.The album has also received fantastic reviews from the music industry especially in Nashville USA.

2019 Paul started working on the 2nd AGD album with the 1st single released November 2019 "Sure Love Having You Around" having the same radio success. Peter Crew -The Flash on Air Radio 'Without a doubt best song of 2019' This was followed up by the 2020 single 'Beautiful' also receiving multiple radio plays in the UK.

Bob Saporiti - Former Sr. VP / General Manager, Warner Bros. Records. “In the current environment of digital do-it-yourself musical albums, the quality control mechanisms of the past have lessened much to the chagrin of this and many other listeners. However, the efforts of Garry King and Paul Jupe remain worthy of attention from the most discriminating of music lovers at this time, pastimes and forever into the future, as this is music of the highest quality”

Jeff Legg - Music Journalist/co editor in chief Metal Temple “A.G.D is one of the most well crafted country rock records I have heard in a long time. The songs are amazing and the production is pristine ”

David Bach - Former Vice President at Forefront Records, Universal Music Group/Capitol Records Nashville says “World class songs, world class playing and world class production”

A Personal Introduction from Paul

Paul's love of Country Music stems from the days his Father would play him his collection of records by Jim Reeves, Glen Cambell, Dolly Parton any many more.

As an independent writer Paul has contributed not only to his own projects writing lyrics, leads, and melodies but also to other artists seeking that radio friendly vibe to their music and is also a director for the La Foret Goupe Production an Online Session Musician Network.

2015 he started writing tracks exclusively for 'Audio Sparx' in the USA and has a large number of tracks released via that company worldwide on compilations with tens of thousands of plays.

Each year brings new projects, music and chances to contribute to the music and writing community.

2020 - Paul decided to focus on his first solo material to release writing, playing and taking the lead vocal possition and put out his first single's 'Home Town, Higher Love' 'Mother' and 'My Bride' again generating a large amount of radio play. Since the release of these songs he has followed up with 'Late Night By The River' and 'Standing Strong' which are available on all platforms.

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Paul is a proud member of the PRS - CAE Number 683011563





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