Paul has over 30 years experience in live performance, writing and recording within many genres of music and has contributed his playing and writer skills to many artists and solo projects including Grammy nominated producer Rick Hale and Australian vocalist Darkyra Black

As a guitarist Paul's playing is tight, creative and to the point and can cover many styles, but is especially suited for the Country Rock, Modern Rock, genre which takes precise, focused and concentrated playing.

As a writer Paul has contributed not only to his own projects writing leads, and melodies but also to other artists seeking that radio friendly vibe t their music and is also a director for the La Foret Goupe Production an Online Session Musician Network with drummer /producer Garry King and Rick Hale based in Europe and the USA and is a signed session player for Online Recording Masters

In 2015 he started writing tracks exclusively for Audio Sparx in the USA and has a number of tracks recently released via that company worldwide on compilations and now runs a music distribution outlet

Paul is the founding member of power rock band ACHILLEA an international band bringing musicians together from around the world and most recently completed a new Country Rock record for publishing under the banner A.G.D ĎA Good Day' with drummer and producer Garry King, mixed at La Foret Studio in South West France

Each year brings new projects, music and chances to contribute to the music and the writing community.

Paul is a proud member of the PRS - CAE Number 683011563


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