New various tracks on new international album releases via 'Audio Sparx' with drummer/producer Garry King. We produced and mixed these at 'La Foret' studio in South West France




The last period has seen Paul concentrating his efforts on music for television and commercial campaigns. Late 2014 saw him start work on the second Achillea record 'New Horizon' to be released in early spring along with drummer and producer Garry King



Achillea release Live Sample Footage (Warning loud Audio) Crank up your volume!!! - shot in Brazil during the bands live DVD shoot including the songs Fight or Fall and Imprisoned.

New Track Recording for the second single 'Eternity' to be released in mid June

Long time updating but here it is - After successful shows and live DVD filming in Brazil 2012 with Achillea, Paul is now working on the final songs for the Australian based Goth Metal band Darkyra ready for the album release this year. Plans are now in progress for Achillea to return to Brazil this year for an extensive tour to back up the Fight or Fall album release now on itunes. All Achillea updates please go to Achillea Official Page




November -

Its been a while since any updates on the page due to the amount that's been going on over the last few months. With the Achillea album now complete and mastered Paul heads to Brazil on the 11th of November with the band ready for pre-production for the live DVD shoot on the 23rd of November.

The title track 'Fight or Fall' has been chosen by a movie company in the US for a new series called Doma to air in the new year, great stuff

Darkyra first four tracks finished mixed and mastered by Garry King and George Boussounis and next tracks to be completed once I return to the UK.

More news to come soon


Recording and mixing for both Achillea and Darkyra Black continues


Paul now giving exclusive tuition in the Portsmouth area. Study Guitar, Melody, Song Composition and Timing. Details listed on the Lessons page

Paul continues to work on new tracks for 'Achillea' sessions including 'Darker Side of Me, Torn Wide Open and Stronger' for the second release to complete the first album in June and is planning the first live show in November which will be a 'live' DVD shoot in Brazil, more info to follow and will be listed on www.achillea-band.com

Paul has also just finished the guitars for track four of Australian Goth/metal artist 'Darkyra' for the soon to be released EP and album.

March 31st

‘Achillea’ release through 'Needle Stock Music' distributed via Zimbalam to all the usual online outlets.

Main page player for Zimbalam - http://achillea.zimbalam.com/
Official Player and CD artwork download – www.achillea-band.com/downloads.htm
and on the apps section on the Achillea Facebook page.


Official Site






Paul just finished the second sessions of guitars for Darkyra Black www.darkyra.com with George Boussounis and Garry King. Paul Jupe has recorded some great sessions as always for two tracks so far. Its great to be able to work with creative original artists around the world who have a passion for music and song.





January 2012

This week continues with more recording and editing for ACHILLEA and a release date will be posted soon. Paul also joins onlinerecordingmasters.com recording for international artists









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