Garry King - Jeff Beck, Joe Lynn Turner and drummer/Producer @ ACHILLEA - Working with Paul is easy, fun and creative. Paul is open to any suggestions and turns simple ideas into powerful and memorable music. In the studio and on the stage Paul always gives 100% and that's what makes him one in a million. Paul sounds like Paul, he has his own style and ideas.

Rick Hale - Grammy nominated producer, composer and musician - Paul has worked on a number of tracks through our network. He delivers tight and melodic melodies on time that are easy to work with. Reliable musicians are a rare breed.

Darkyra Black (Australia) - 'It's been almost a year since Paul Jupe began working and contributing on the upcoming 'Dragon Tears' album. Paul has proved to be an essential part of the Darkyra Black Project. His skill and passion for his instrument shines through every performance shaping every track into something truly amazing.'




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